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Direct to Garment Printing Services

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing process is a specialty service that use equipment that is designed to print directly onto the garment. This process works with cotton type shirts, it uses a special water based eco friendly ink made by Dupont. This process use both white and coloured inks. The process allows us to print full color images on light or dark shirts. For dark shirts we have to pretreat the shirts to enable the white ink to sit onto of the fabric. 

It also has several key advantages over traditional printing methods, including:

  • no minimum order quantity because there is no costly set-up of screens.
  • unlimited color range in each design, and photo quality printing.
  • soft & durable imprint due to the ink being injected into the fabric, 
  • prints are soft and breathable,

The drawbacks of this process include;

  • no color matching as it's based on the image color
  • the pricing stays at a fixed price. some discounts for bulk orders
  • you have to wash the shirts prior to wearing them to remove treatment
  • limited to printing on cotton type products.