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About Us

Our journey began in November 2013 in front of our home were we converted our living room into a small store. We offered a couple services including (HTV) Heat Transfer Vinyl for putting simple graphics and or lettering with one or two color designs. We also offered custom sublimation including license place frames and scooter plates, mugs and more.
The following spring with we were able to purchase some equipment that expanded our business services to include screen printing. This was a huge learning curve for me as the knowledge to screen print took some time to comprehend and learn the technique and we began to offer screen printing in January 2015, We printed small orders for a variety of companies including a year contract for a company in Chatham printing racing t-shirts.
In 2015 business was growing again and we decided to make the move from a home run business to renting a space and running the business from a store. We just got another piece of equipment that allowed us to offer in house embroidery to make custom hats, embroider logos on jackets and create personalized products. My background is in the embroidery and digitizing area as I worked for a leading company in the software business prior to starting my own company.
Over the next few years screen printing was the dominant printing method for our shop which we developed contracts with various companies in the service industries printing t-shirts, uniforms and providing embroidered jackets, hats and screen printed t-shirts. We also offered wholesale pricing for individuals starting their own brands.
In 2016 I had developed asthma and was forced to slow down, this impacted my work and I had to fine tune what volume I could offer, after a few years of dealing with St. Joseph Hospital I learn that the pollution was affecting my breathing.
In 2017 was a year of growing we installed some green technology into our business offering a method of 2 stage filter with sediment tank to capture and filter the water from going into the drain. This was trial and error and we opted to a system that used various reusable screen filters 110 mesh, 160 mesh and a sediment tank. This allowed for pumping out water that was free of some of the debris from cleaning screens. We also changed our chemicals from heavy solvent based chemicals like mineral spirits to soya based eco friendly chemicals which do not affect my breathing and are biodegradable.
In 2018 we decided to invest in some new equipment to allow us to expand what we offered including large pressing area, full color prints on shirts, and soft hand. This invested was a strategy to allow us to offer a wider selection of products. We purchased a brand new DTG machine which stands for (Direct to Garment) where it uses friendly water based inks. This process can be used on cotton and cotton blended fabrics.
The Direct to Garment or DTG printing process is great for shirts and offers quick turn around of printing custom t-shirts, pillows and bags. Light colored garments can be printed while you wait, while colored or black garments take a bit more time but generally two day service. Larger quantities do take time.
In 2018 we decided to move out of Hamilton where are store has been located for five years and we began investigating moving to an area that wouldn't affect my health, would offer my business the opportunity to continue growing. In December of 2018 we decided to move our business to St Thomas area, and start a new venture and a new store with our new name.
This is where T-shirt Junction came to be , when moving from Hamilton to St. Thomas we found the name of Steel Town Graphics didn't fit, so we started looking for a new name. Our business will be geared for small to medium sized business, and to individuals looking for custom products. We will be offering ; Direct to Garment(DTG), Embroidery, Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), Screen Printing and Sublimation, Our new store is going to be open in March 2019.
We choose the name of Tshirt Junction as St. Thomas was a crucial location and at its peak was a major hub for a multitude of prominent railways and served as the primary stop on the Canadian short cut between Detroit and Buffalo. By 1914 a total of seven different railways brought in more than 100 trains per day.
We choose the name of Tshirt Junction as we are offering custom t-shirts and that this being proudly recognized of being a hub for trains we wanted to capture that and we choose the word junction and added that to what we offer and came up with Tshirt Junction We secured the name and we our operating under this name.
We also have continued to upgrade our technologies to go green including we will have a new green filtering system design with 5 stages of filtering the water prior to the water being sent to the waste line. It includes a 110 Mech filter, 160 Mesh Filter, a sediment tank with a charcoal filter, and a 40-micron filter for purifying the water. Our DTG machine is also green as it produces very little waste and is OEKO-TEK 7522GR certified,

We now have a new sublimation machine that allows us to make custom gaiters, custom facemasks, custom socks, custom arm bands, and various other products including mugs, plates, and t-shirts out of Poly.
In July 2020 in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic our old embroidery machine broke down and we choose to upgrade our embroidery equipment so that we could continue to service our customers. Our new machine allows us to embroider polos, t-shirts, jackets, toques and hats. We also have the ability to have 15 color in one design although rarely do we use that many for logos. 
On July 2nd, 2021 we will be having our Grand Reopening at our new location at 309 Talbot St. Its a few doors down from our present location, We will have a fresh new look to the store. For our Grand Reopening we will be giving away 200 t-shirts, for our shopping local in St. Thomas. There will be refreshments for the day,