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Demand for Branded Face Masks

In the early days of the Pandemic society was unclear on how to protect themselve from this new virus. In early March a large number of companies were forced to close their doors to protect there staff and their customers.

Now that companies are reopening to the public and local governments are recommending (and in some areas mandating) that cloth masks be worn in public. 

Clothing is a form of self-expression for many, and a facemask is one of the most conspicuous garments a person can wear. As such, companies have decided to invest in branded face masks.

At Tshirt Junction they offer various types of branded facemask for their clients well that it be an indiviudal looking for a saying or a printed face mask. They offer full color reuseable mask like the subway mask below. 

They also have both one type one time use mask, and bulk options for companies with larger staff and the mask types vary. 








Mask come in various types of fabrics and the print areas also vary depending on the mask type. Some mask are printed in bulk offering a more affordable options than the full color mask. 

It’s unclear how long the intense demand for branded masks will last. But it figures to be around for at least the foreseeable future as the COVID-19 threat persists.